Hypolimnas bolina by Butterfly House 
The Great Eggfly (Hypolimnas bolina) is also called the Blue Moon Butterfly in New Zealand or Common Eggfly.


Living a vegan lifestyle demonstrates that:

I care about the world I live in

Not many people know that the number one cause of global warming is the livestock industry. If we stop supporting this industry that fouls the air we breathe and pollutes the water we drink, demand will fall and with it, supply. By taking this step our collective carbon footprint will be significantly reduced.

I want to live a healthy life

When we avoid fatty, cholesterol-laden animal flesh and dangerous hormone-filled meat and dairy products, we considerably reduce the risk from serious health conditions such as cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

I believe all beings have the right to live and thrive on this planet

Animals are precious beings. We have all seen or heard how search and rescue dogs save lives, horses help heal emotional wounds, and bees pollinate our crops. Animals selflessly serve humanity in countless ways. Why then is it considered okay to raise animals for slaughter? To keep them in utterly filthy conditions, continuously pump them with feed and antibiotics and then murderously slaughter them for food is simply unconscionable.

All beings are born with a will to live. We as compassionate individuals have the power to protect and be the voice for those who have none. Vegans help end this global war against the defenceless.

I choose peace

As concerned global citizens, we invite you to join our march to peace. We all want to live in a world where natural resources are abundant, forests thrive and are filled with wildlife, humans live long, healthy and vibrant lives without hunger and harmony exists among nations.

We call upon everyone to be a torchbearer for change and a living example of nobility. Please join us in our effort for peace.

Two elephants are reunited after being separated for  years